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Why does my school/school district need MessageUpdate.com?

MessageUpdate.com allows you to send notification of events to those who need to know.

School closing/classes canceled or delayed:

Wouldn't a message to staff, parents, and students be nice as soon as a decision is made? No need for subscribers to listen to the radio while trying to get prepared for the day, and they won't have to worry about missing the annoucement.

School letting out early:

Maybe the snow is really falling hard and a decision was made to let school out early. Maybe a hurricane is brewing off the coast and it will be better to get the kids home. Maybe... Now everyone will be able to know with just a few clicks and a simple message.

Amber Alert:

A child was abducted in a nearby town and the abductor is still on the loose. Now, only the administration, faculty, and staff can be notified that the school will be in lockdown without alarming the rest of the subscribers (parents and students).

Public meeting changes:

The weather might have allowed student to dismiss early, but in the school board meeting canceled? Not only can you let subscribers know it is canceled, you can let them know the reschedule date.

If your organization isn't one utilizing MessageUpdate.com for keeping people informed, find out how easy it is to start.

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