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MessageUpdate.com is very easy to use. Here's how.

Initial Set up

  • Decide how many different categories of recipients
    (ex: for schools; Administration, Faculty & Staff, Coaches, and "Everyone" would equal four, for fire department; All personnel, Fire, EMS, and Officers would equal four)
  • Calculate how many members in the organization (ex: for schools, this would include all employees and students)
  • Decide who should be in one or more of the categories (except "Everyone")
MessageUpdate.com staff will then create the neccessary databases and user login(s).

Administrators - Sending a message

  • Start MessageUpdate.com in a web browser
  • Login
  • Click on [Send a Message]
  • Select one or more recipient categories
  • Enter subject of message
  • Enter body of message
  • Enter your password
  • Confirm message
  • Click on  
Messages will be automatically sent to subscribers.

Subscribers - to subscribe

  • Start MessageUpdate.com in a web browser
  • Click on the Subscribe Link
  • Select an organization
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your email address, cell phone/pager number and provider*
  • Click on  
  • When you receive a "Welcome" message, YOU MUST LOGIN to activate your subscription

Subscribers - to unsubscribe

  • Start MessageUpdate.com in a web browser
  • Click on the Unsubscribe or Login Link
  • Select an organization
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click on [Unsubscribe]
A message will be sent to the email address/cell phone/pager* on record indicating you have unsubscribed.
* NOTE: All options are not available to all subscribers based on each organizations preferences and features purchased.

If your organization isn't one utilizing MessageUpdate.com for keeping people informed, find out how easy it is to start.

Download a brochure (pdf)

If you are having problems, please see our Contact Us page for more information.

Not receiving messages?
Please look on our Errors page to see if your email, phone, or pager is listed, what the problem is, and a possible fix.

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