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New Subscribers...

Effective August 1, 2010 MessageUpdate.com switched to a double opt-in subscription process. If your are a new subscriber, you should have recieved a message with a random password. To activate your subscription, you must log in with that password. If you don't have that message, request a new password - DO NOT RE-SUBSCRIBE!

(To request a new password, go to the appropriate login page for your subscription, then click on the the "Forgot Password" button. Follow instructions on that page.)

Once logged in, you may change your password.

Great River Health Systems (Great River Medical Center) is restricting emails to internal emails. In other words, most employees can only receive emails from other employees. Due to this restriction, grhs.net email addresses have been removed from all subscribers. If this affected you, please log in and add another email address (where available).

On July 5th, 2016, Microsoft mail servers were not allowing connections for email delivery. This affect emails ending with the following domain names: hotmail.com, msn.com, outlook.com, live.com, and live.nl. A request has been made to Microsoft to remove the block. Any updates will be posted here.

Entries below that have a Possible Correction of "Please verify phone number and service provider" and are sure their phone number is correct can go to WhoIsMyCarrier.com for help. The information provided needs to match your subscription to this site. If you don't know how to proceed after you have that information, send that information and your phone number to support@messageupdate.com.

You may also wish to review "How come I'm not receiving messages anymore, or just sometimes?" on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The following email/phone/pager addresses are not receiving messages due to errors. Please check the list below. If your contact information is listed, please log in and correct your information. Contact Addresses not corrected within 30 days from First Error Date or are undeliverable 5 times (days) will be removed from the database.

This list updated May, 8, 2018.
Contact Address Type of Error Possible Correction First Error Date
jules_howe@yahoo.com 554 delivery error: dd Requested mail action aborted Please verify email address and provider or remove messages from your inbox. 3/7/18
3196710899 550 5.1.1 recipient does not exist here Please verify email address and provider or remove messages from your inbox. 4/16/18

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Not receiving messages?
Please look on our Errors page to see if your email, phone, or pager is listed, what the problem is, and a possible fix.
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