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Why MessageUpdate.com came to be...

When I went back to college as a "non-traditional" student to get another degree, I was commuting to classes three times a week. Some of my fellow students were also commuters driving an hour or so each way. There were times when our instructors (who had similar commutes) would cancel classes during the winter. There was really no effective way for all the students to be notified before leaving, so many of us would make the trip only to find classes canceled. There had to be a way we could be notified about the cancellations, even though we may have been already on the road.

As a parent, when school is canceled it would be nice to know so arrangements can be made for the kids. What is worse is when the school is let out early due to weather and the buses are only planning to use emergency routes. That would leave some kids with over a half-mile walk, presumably in bad weather. Is that really safe for a kindergartener?

Another thing which is troublesome is arriving at a club meeting, only to find out the meeting was canceled, but you never found out...

There are many situations that arise where a quick message with an update about an event would be helpful. Some people use email regularly, so a quick message would be noticed. Others carry pagers, and most teens and most adults carry cell phones.

Any device that can receive messages by access like an email address can receive messages from MessageUpdate.com.

If your organization isn't one utilizing MessageUpdate.com for keeping people informed, find out how easy it is to start.

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